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About Us

Nannette Nocon feels fortunate to continue to enjoy her work as a financial adviser for over 30 years. In the summer of 2009, a 16 year old shot another and it bothered her enough to want to do something about it.  As an art lover, she wanted to use art as a way to deliver the message to children that they always have a choice. Fortuitously, John Kastner sent his portfolio sample in the mail about that time. It was an aha moment and the beginning of a wonderful collaboration.  From then, What’s UP with Yuk? created a life of its own. An enjoyable 10 month evening and weekend project from inception, design and publication with husband Karl. Left to her own devices, she would work as a financial adviser 24/7. Bringing Yum and Yuk to the hands of children is a mission for Nannette.  It is a privilege to have worked Dr. Anne C. Coon on Ion Wisdom, a user’s guide to What’s UP With Yuk?  In 2012, Yum and Yuk Present for Your Entertainment, A Book of Characters, an alphabet book of character values....A for Achievement, B for Bravery....Z for Zest was launched with much success!  In 2014, When the Sun Goes Down, A Yum and Yuk Halloween poem was launched complete with orchestral music, animation and narration.

John Kastner is a life long resident of Rochester, NY. He earned a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and has worked as an illustrator for over thirty years, creating images for toys, games, books, clothing and magazines. His large works include murals for the City of Rochester, the Monroe County Library System, Artisan Works and the Strong National Museum of Play. He has been a teacher at the Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop since 1978. What’s UP with Yuk? and Yum and Yuk, duck,duck, duck are dream projects for John.

Anne C. Coon is Professor Emeritus in the College of Liberal Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY), has published three books of poetry and numerous scholarly works. With mathematician Marcia Birken, she co-authored the book Discovering Patterns in Mathematics and Poetry. Dr. Coon brings to the world of Yum and Yuk a love of teaching and a long-time commitment to developing creativity and critical thinking skills in young people. Dr. Coon wrote and collaborated Ion Wisdom with Nannette which is the companion book for What’s UP with Yuk?

Heartfelt thanks for the Yum stuff cool people do...

The team for When the Sun Goes Down music scheduled for release in September 2014:
Andrew Worden Composer and Conductor
Alex Trygstad Viola
Dennis Basset Narrator
Elise Hughey
Jeremy Potts Violin ll
Lauren Cauley, Violin l
Sam Um Percussion
Rich Wattie Music production
Karl Wessendorf co-producer
Matthew Spaull DVD production

AdCouncil of Rochester
for the Strategic Roundtable with Ad execs with the best ideas! A big thanks to Katelin, Annie, Jack, Bonnie, Carl, Peggy, Vita and Rich for the brilliant ideas. We’re working on prioritizing and implementing.

Andrew Worden Composer extraordinaire of the music for the new book When the Sun Goes Down. He is pursuing  his M.M. in Percussion Performance & Literature and a certificate in Arts Leadership at the Eastman School of Music
Bleu Cease
Artistic Director and CEO , Rochester Contemporary Arts Center (RoCo) for being interested in the other world of this art and for exhibiting the original art works of What's UP with Yuk? from April 2 - May 2010.

Brian Cummings editor, transcriber, website genius for being so patient and brilliant about getting the ball rolling for editing and creating the video on the making of What's UP with Yuk? and for making the website more user friendly and updated.

Christina Fenton consultant, teacher, curriculum developer and all around neat person for opening up the idea of creating a teacher's guide for the book and for inviting me to observe and share What’s UP with Yuk? with School #42 in Rochester NY, a City School elementary school in.

Cynthia Nocon sister, jewelry designer and maker for Neo Originals. Thanks for the moral support and for helping me organize my ideas for the website and book sales and for having cool displays for the Tucson Festival of Books. If an award for the prettiest booth was available, we would have gotten it!

Cohber Press We followed Davis Frame and we have a new printer!  Great job on When the Sun Goes Down, a Halloween Tale.  Terrific work!  Thank you!

Dan Beerse
publisher of the chapter books The Adventures of Drew and Ellie and author of the same, under the pen name Charles Noland. He is the consultant who helped identify the many hurdles of self publishing.

Davis Frame was our account manager at Monroe Litho now at Cohber Press. We're fortunate to work with him. 

Dennis Bassett 
our good friend and supporter.  He has the deep beautiful voice of the 1st recording of When the Sun Goes Down released in September 2014. 

Donna Cauley
Principal at Monument Elementary School in Bennington, VT who displays  What’s UP with Yuk? on the coffee table at the office.  For the young ones sent to the Principal's office, the characters lead to an easier discussion about having been sent to her office in the 1st place.  Yum and Yuk help facilitate the conversation.

Ines Winkler
a talented and generous friend who was my second pair of eyes on the languages for the counting book, Yum and Yuk, duck, duck, duck. We first met Ines when she came to RIT as a Fulbright Scholar from Germany.

Jim O'Brien brother in law, who supported the idea of One for One.

Joe Gianni mentor, CEO of 2Logical and my mentor since 1992 who has always reinforced that we have choices. Thanks too for purchasing 60 books to donate to the Alternatives for Battered Women. You're the best!

Karl Wessendorf husband and IT guy who made sure every image in the book could be reproduced in its true colors. He poured hundreds of hours in the technical aspect of the images to make them just right for the book. He is also my reality check and the greatest fan of all the Yum & Yuk books.

Ken Ross for giving me permission to use Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross quote to summarize the essence of the wordless book What’s UP with Yuk?.

Ligaya Nocon
the best mom anyone can ask for.  Her yummy food always served at Yum and Yuk receptions.

Lois Niland fellow Cornellian, introduced me to a lot of helpful folks. A marketing expert!

Lourdes Douglas former membership manager at the Memorial Art Gallery, for inviting Nannette and John to speak at a Member Holiday Celebration.

Monroe Litho The printer for What's UP With Yuk, Yum and Yuk Counting Book, A Book of Entertainment.  So sorry to see the business go.  You guys were the best!

Mark Costello attorney at Boylan Brown, for this legal advice in the field of book publishing and licensing. Thanks too for your firm's purchase of 19 books to donate!

Nelson Adrian Blish author of books The Taking of the King and Ishmael's Son for continuously sharing publishing and marketing opportunities for What’s UP with Yuk?

Nina O'Brien niece and content expert at age 9. Also for being open about having a story telling time at her 5th grade class at Catalina Foothills Grade School.

Pam Bregenzer friend, who gave the most encouraging feedback on What’s UP with Yuk? and for buying the largest quantity of books by an individual to date. Thank you Pam and Mike!

PCTV crew who helped create the video about the making of What’s UP with Yuk? Thank you Dave Renner, Brian Delameter, Jeff Cook and Aimee Cruishank!

Rhodora Fallon sister who has been a fantastic moral support. She administers the website book sales and fulfillment.

Sharon Stiller friend who steered me to the people who can help me get started on publishing. Thanks too for all the books you've purchased!

Tom Cummings fellow Cornellian. Owner of Cummings Creative Inc. for volunteering his professional skills in interviewing us for the book intro for TV exposure and for being a wonderful friend in producing the video for the making of the What's UP with Yuk?.

Veronica Benzing for helping me articulate some of the messages for the website early in the process.