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What’s UP with Yuk? is an art book about positive and negative choices, starring Yum and Yuk with special appearance by Ions.  Ions hang out with Yum and Yuk.  They’re asking  “What’s UP with Yuk?”  In science, we learn that ions carry either a positive or negative charge.  In the book, Ions refer to positive and negative choices.  Ion is illustrated as an eye in the book, a reminder that we need to keep an eye on our choices.  Ion's name is inconspicuously displayed in the book since our eye on our choices is not always obvious. 

Ion Wisdom, the companion book for What’s UP with Yuk? is a teaching guide written with Dr. Anne C. Coon intended for adults who might want some ideas on how to use the book effectively with children. 

Yum and Yuk, duck, duck, duck is a counting book: one to twelve, in twelve languages. 

Yum and Yuk present for your entertainment, A Book of Characters. Yum and Yuk explore values such as Achievement, Bravery, Caring, Discipline, Education…… 

Recently released When the Sun Goes Down...a Halloween book with Yum and Yuk and friend Teri Toot.  DVD will also be available with animation, orchestral music and narration.  Listen to a narration, or narrate with orchestral music in the background. The movie with  classical music is now available for sale on iTunes:

For every book sold, another will be given to a child who could use a little hand in life.  One for One, a Yum choice and the Ions agree! 

Someday, I hope that Kite Tails generates a profit.  100% of the profits will be added to the Arts in Education Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation  My husband Karl and I started this fund in 2010 to demonstrate our commitment to this project.

We have an office at Rochester Contemporary Arts Center, RoCo Upstairs.  Open to public for 1st Fridays, come visit us at 137 East Avenue.

And yes, Yum & Yuk books are printed in America.  Cohber Press is helping us with publication of the book.  Created and printed in the USA! 

We're having a bit of trouble with our online ordering system recently.  We recently partnered with Square and you can use the link below as another way to order:

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